Un Soiree au chat noir

Saturday, May 25- Sunday May 26, 2019

Step into Le Chat Noir and the enrapturing world of 1900’s Paris for an evening of chamber music and contemporary dance.

Le Chat Noir, the famous salon in Paris, was a second home to some of France’s most prolific authors, artists and composers of La Belle Epoque period.

Echo Chamber Toronto presents a magnificent tapestry of French and French-inspired music, choreographed by Alysa Pires, Liana Bellissimo and Tara Pillon.

With a musical program spanning the last century, we’ll hear the exquisite Ravel String Quartet, interlaced with songs by Erik Satie and Edith Piaf, and following an intermission, Debussy’s mesmerizing ‘Syrinx’ for solo flute and the main feature, a new creation by acclaimed Jazz Pianist Renee Rosnes, performed by Rosnes herself.

Choreography: Alysa Pires | Liana Bellissimo | Tara Pillon

Dancers: Skylar Campbell | Meghan Pugh | Jack Bertinshaw | Miyoko Koyasu.

Musicians: 5-time Juno Award Winner Renee Rosnes, piano | Lauren Eberwein, Soprano | Shelley Brown, flute | Rosebud String Quartet (Aaron Schwebel, Sheila Jaffe, Keith Hamm and Leana Rutt)

Echo Chamber Toronto is a performance series that integrates musicians and dancers together on stage for new choreographed works. Merging the intimate dynamic of chamber music with the physical beauty of contemporary dance, ECT delivers the unique opportunity to connect with music not just through listening, but also through movement, interaction, and space. These works are choreographed by some of Canada’s leading dancemakers, and performed by Toronto’s finest musicians and dancers from the National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Opera Company, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra.