Rush Rehearsals Rentals Program

918 Bathurst is announcing our new Rush Rehearsals Rentals program. Each month, 918 Bathurst will release a calendar of dates and times in that month during which

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MAY 25 • Sick Muse Art Projects

Sick Muse Art Projects returns to 918 for a fundraiser gala, art exhibit and performance in support of community arts programs in Latin America and The Caribbean. There will be poetry, dance, music and

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MAY 24 • Infinite Gradation

Author Anne Michaels will be holding a launch event for her new book, Infinite Gradation, an astonishing meditation on the mystery at the heart of our mortality

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MAY 19 • The Annex Chess Club

Starting on Saturday May 19, The Annex Chess Club will be hosting a long-weekend chess tournament. Register and come out to see if your skills are up to the challenge!

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MAY 16 • Autour de Camille

De bouche à oreille et le Théâtre La Tangente presents Autour de Camille, an evening with Véronique Pestel, Sylvie Bouchard and Louise Naubert.

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MAY 11-13 • Photrio Symposium

918 Bathurst is excited to be hosting a CONTACT Photography Festival event again and this year we have partnered with Alternative Photo Services for the Phototrio Symposium! Join us

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