sounding difference: the text scores of pauline oliveros

November 25 , 2018

Anne Bourne’s Deep Listening® Intensives have been a highlight of our programming since 2016. Deep Listening refers to a listening practice created by renowned composer Pauline Oliveros (1932–2016). Oliveros’ own intention of ‘listening to everything it is possible to listen to all the time,’ becomes embodied through the shared experience of listening and sounding her text scores.

This season, with permissions from the Pauline Oliveros Trust, the Music Gallery and 918 Bathurst invite you to experience four sessions of a Listening and Sounding choir. Bourne will impart Oliveros’ Text Scores, and with plain words, invite participants to an experience of shared creative expression. Sounding is improvising sound with your voice/ growling/ breathing/
whispering/ laughing. Sounding, inclusive of all exceptionalities,
spectrum, generation, geographic origin, and levels of musical
experience, is the sound of difference. The seed techniques of Oliveros’ attention strategy scores culminate in the beautiful harmonic masterpiece the Tuning Meditation.

Anne Bourne, known internationally as a composer improviser, cellist/vocalist, and writer in intermedia contexts, was one of the first six to receive her DL Certificate from Oliveros in 1998. Anne was appointed Trustee of the Ministry of Maat, sister organization to the Center for Deep Listening, in 2017.