torq percussion presents: xenakis’ plieades

Thursday, November 29, 2018

TorQ partners with superstar percussionists Aiyun Huang and Ryan Scott to present a rare complete performance of Iannis Xenakis’ percussion masterwork “Pleiades”. This percussion sextet is a tour-de-force, written in Xenakis’ signature style: architecturally influenced, and technically and musically demanding. The title of this work is intentionally ambiguous: on one hand, the term comes from a word meaning “many”, and which alludes to all of the instruments used by the six percussionists along the four movements; on the other hand, it refers to a myth in Greek mythology: the Pleiades are the seven daughters of Pleione and Atlas. The greatest part of his inspiration may come from the astronomy, as the Pleiades were thought to be the stars from Taurus.

Pleiades consists of four movements, each named for the instrument group it uses: “Metaux” uses a specially constructed microtonal 19-bar instrument called sixxen; this performance will feature the debut of TorQ’s own custom-made set. “Claviers” (“keyboards”) uses a variety of mallet percussion instruments, “Peaux” (“skins”) uses all drums, and “Melanges” combines all the instruments in a single movement.


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