The Music Gallery and Dancemakers present multiform(s) + Open Fortress

March 9, 2018

Friday March 9 & Saturday March 10 | 8pm (Doors 7:30)

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“Coreographer Amanda Acorn creates intimate, sensorial encounters presented in both traditional and non-traditional spaces. She dips into the inexhaustible energy of movements repeated ad infinitum… multiform(s) hypnotizes. A vibrant, moving tableau inspired by the vivid pigments of Mark Rothko’s paintings, Acorn manages by means of a subtle, complex dialogue of bodies to create a moment of rare beauty”. – Elsa Pepin, Festival Trans-Ameriques

Driven by questions surrounding habitual ways of seeing and researching the abstract body, Acorn created the solo work multiform, which has developed into a piece for five dancers and two live musicians.