The Music Gallery’s 90s Archive Jam

January 28, 2018

The Music Gallery Presents

90s Archive Jam!

Hosted by Joe Strutt and Fahmid Nibesh

The Music Gallery starts 2018 with a look back at a chapter of their past with great relevance to the present: the Music Gallery’s fondly remembered but incompletely chronicled 179 Richmond St. West venue.

Within the venue’s custom-remodeled interior, Artistic Director Jim Montgomery programmed well over 100 shows a year. With such frenzied activity, documentation (aside from audio) fell by the wayside a bit.

In our quest to build up the completeness of our archives, we are inviting friends of the Music Gallery to bring their memorabilia of 179 Richmond W. – photos, posters, whatever – to this afternoon session where we’ll photograph or scan your object. If you feel so inclined, we’ll project it on the wall, and hosts Joe Strutt or Fahmid Nibesh will ask you a few questions about it. Who knows what memories will flow back?

So many people in this city experienced the Music Gallery for the first time during the 90s. Please feed our own wayback machine: these images and stories enrich not just our story but Toronto’s collective artistic memory.